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shake-handNovack & Novack cares – service is important to us!

We have a positive business relationship with insurance companies.  This is crucial to you as a client and your resolution.
We request records from the providers and start (and continue) the process of setting reserves so there will be a resolution towards the end.

Our services include:

Depositions, Mediations, Arbitrations, Trials

Practice Areas

medMedical, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy,
Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Naturopathic
Healthcare Providers

Three important steps to take immediately after your accident:

  1. 1481098021_bt_camera Take photos of the accident scene and injuries to the body (if motorized accident – include photos of the property damage).
  2. 1479855848_notes Contact your insurance company to report the claim.
  3. 1481098106_call01 Call us to make an appointment: 360-661-8685

We can assist you with the police or incident report, insurance company documentation/forms, and help support you and your healthcare providers with the necessary details of your injuries.


Take Notes! Make written notes of the date, time, people involved, and content of every conversation you have about your accident or your claim. In-person or telephone conversations worth noting may include those with any witness, adjuster, or other insurance representative, or with medical personnel.

no-facebook-symbol12Avoid posting on SOCIAL MEDIA.
Insurance companies and defense attorneys will investigate your Facebook, Twitter and related social media accounts, blogs or web pages — even when set as ‘private’ — and look for things that can help them avoid taking full responsibility for the harms they’ve caused. The purpose of this internet research is to attempt to show that you are not as injured as you claim. Please be very careful about postings and photos of your activities.

Do not talk to other attorneys or insurance companies/adjusters – if asked about your case, have them contact us.

Do NOT sign anything until you check with us.

 It’s what you don’t know that will hurt you.

Why settle for less?  Contact us today!